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Re: Explicit mention of normal CD for netinst images (Was: Modification du texte de netinst)

Hi again,

Just a few quick clarifications.

Justin B Rye wrote:
> Jonathan Nieder wrote:

>>  - A _netboot_ image ("small bootable CD image for network install")
>>    contains only the Debian installer components needed to boot up,
>>    connect to the network, and acquire the rest of the installer from
>>    a Debian mirror.  This is usable for non-netboot setups, too!
>>  - A (larger) graphical variant of the netboot image.
>>  - Another variant of the netboot image for Xen guests.
> Yes... do all of the cdrom images include the graphical installer?

Yep (including netboot/xen/mini.iso), with the exception of the the
tiny cdrom image

 <debian mirror>/dists/<release>/main/installer-<arch>/current/images/netboot/mini.iso

mentioned above.

>>  - The _hd-media_ image
> I can hardly see the point of it either, now we've got iso-hybrid.

Thinking about it more, that boot.img.gz is a (writable) VFAT
filesystem could be handy, since it means your installation media can
double as a drive for shuttling ordinary data between machines.

The sequence of steps required

 1. Decompress boot.img.gz and write it to a USB stick
 2. Resize with gparted to fill the drive
 3. Copy in a mini.iso

is just two more than ideal. ;-)
>> 	1. A netinst image, which will at least set up a basic
>> 	   non-graphical Debian system if the installer is not able to
>> 	   connect to the network.  It fits on a Mini CD (at least for
>> 	   i386) today, and hopefully it will continue to tomorrow.
> s/netinst/"cdrom"/, but with a caveat that it isn't only for CDs; I'd
> suggest saying that it fits on "anything more capacious than a
> businesscard CD".  (When would anyone use the even smaller .iso?)

Based on <http://www.debian.org/CD/netinst/>, the netinst size is
capped on i386 at (and generally near) 180 MB, the size of a typical
Mini CD (and much larger than many businesscard CDs).

The businesscard image, which seems less useful now that
netboot/mini.iso and netboot/gtk/mini.iso exist, was once capped at
40 MB (it's closer to 50 MB now) and fits on a businesscard CD.

netboot/gtk/mini.iso is around 30 MB.  netboot/mini.iso is ~20 MB.

Smaller images can be downloaded and written to media more quickly.
Users of smaller images can benefit from bugfixes after the media was
written if the installer components left out are retrieved from an
up-to-date Debian mirror (though that probably doesn't come up very

> The MANIFEST implies that the ones for use on USB devices are
> "hd-media" (also an odd name, which gets Google hits for digital video
> players) and only the PXE version is "netboot".

netboot/*.iso can be booted from USB devices, starting with squeeze
installer beta 1 (30 October 2010).


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