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Bug#567781: Conversion of english pages to Unicode, via HTML entities.


On Thu, May 26, 2011 at 12:56:06PM +0200, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>    Hi!
>  Just for the record, to cut the discussion short and instead do
> something than being side-tracked any further by comments that ignore
> the actual questions instead of trying to get things done, I converted
> the 445 files in the english/ part that were latin1 encoded to utf8,
> changed the .wmlrc and did call smart_change with a
> stupidpatternthatdoesntexist to bump all the translations.


>  So from now on, commits to english/ that are containing non-ascii
> characters MUST be utf-8 encoded. We'll see what might (or might not)
> break after the next build which is expected in half an hour.

File is in UTF-8 encoded but this conversion did not convert funkey
entities to more readable UTF-8 text.

For example:
authors "Osamu Aoki (青木 修)">
<maintainer "Osamu Aoki (&#38738;&#26408; &#20462;)">

Can I make them into more readable UTF-8 strings:
authors "Osamu Aoki (青木 修)">
<maintainer "Osamu Aoki (青木 修)">

If noone object, I will...



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