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Bug#541839: Italian language to be added


Le lundi 30 août 2010 06:34:19, Giuseppe Sacco a écrit :
> the Italian l10n team is interested in activating such automatic notify.
> Is this service already available?

It will be soon! i18n.d.n relied on anonymous checkout not yet repaired on 
Alioth, it's a good time to move this service in www-master. We'll handle 
every languages where a translator.db.pl file exists:

arabic chinese czech dutch esperanto french german italian norwegian persian 
portuguese romanian russian slovak

If you already set up a cron job on your side, get ready to stop it if you 
don't want duplicate, and if you don't wan't it to be handled on www-master 
for your language, just say so.

I'll close this bug once the needed packages (libemail-address-perl and 
libmime-lite-perl) installed and the cronjob uncommented.



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