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Re: debian DVD seller in Finland

Hi Tomi,

On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 05:16:15PM +0300, Tomi pohjola wrote:
> Hey!
> Here is one man from Finland.
> I have one problem with the Debian DVD seller on the web page.
> The problem is the following: Debian DVD seller in Finland has been
> lost or destroyed
> leaving no trace. The web address is correct and the site opens a
> page on the Internet browser window
> but the web page content is somehow strange. When viewing a web page
> Internet browser displays the page at the top of the text:
> "LinuxCD.eu domain may be for sale."
> This web page also contains a lot of ads.
> This site is not Debian-dvd seller's web page in Finland. What can
> we do in this case?
> Debian Official Web - page contains a list of debian broken down by
> DVD sellers
> country to country. The list is also a Finnish name. Official Debian
> website addresses are
> the following:
> (http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/) and
> (http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/#fi)
> Are you going to keep Finland still rank among the countries with an
> official Debian DVD
> vendor?

Thank you for the advice: I've just removed LinuxCD.eu from our vendors
list. The changes will be visible in few hours.

> I am very interested in the Linux operating system and the Debian system.
> I would like to know where you can buy the official Debian - DVDs in
> Finland?
> I do not have the possibility to download the Debian system web
> server, because my internet connection speed is so slow, only a max.
> 1 mega bit per second. Recommend, that I'm getting faster internet
> connection, or if I should expect that in Finland we obtain a new
> Debian-DVD seller?
> I am very grateful if you could respond to this email as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, we have not other CD vendors in Finland, but there are
many vendors that ships CD internationally: my suggestion is to take a
look at vendors from countries near you and check if they deliver CDs
also abroad.


ps: you could also ask at your local LUG if they have a Debian CD or if
they could help you in find one :)
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