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Non-breakable spaces on front page links

I was tracking down a problem I see with the Bulgarian translation of 
the front page of the website. The problem is that the thanslation of 
"Mailing List Archives" (the link before last in the fourth column) 
overlaps with the sponsor logo and is not entirely visible.

The English pages don't exhibit the problem because of the minimal 
width of 11em set on the columns.

First I thought there may be some CSS oddity, but in the end the 
reason was far more ordinary. The text uses non-breakable spaces and 
therefore can't be wrapped by the browser.

The source of the non-breakable spaces are the original English texts 
in template.pot. I can see the reason for using   in the old 
site, where this was used as a way of setting the width of the links 
menu. However, the new site doesn't seem to need such a crude method.

My proposal is to replace non-breakable with ordinary spaces both in 
templates.pot and all the translated template.XX.po files. Any 

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