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Re: Wiki history, reporting bugs and not enough info.

In-line :-

2011/4/13 Adam D. Barratt <adam@adam-barratt.org.uk>:
> Hi,


> You missed the "Info" link a little to the left of "More Actions", which
> gives you a history of the changes and the ability to see the
> differences between revisions.

Thank you for that but why the word 'info' . I did see it but didn't
know what it is/was. If it had been the word 'Revisions' or 'view
history' or something like that it would have been more clearer. That
word doesn't signify anything to me then a generic notion that some
information about the webpage or article or wiki or anything might be
there is there but no idea what. The other two words 'Revisions' or
'History' or 'View History' do the same job/thing and give a better
idea, what do you guys think ?

>> d. Lastly, is there some virtual package where I can file these
>> bug-reports (against some virtual package) using reportbug so I'm able
>> to track any or all these issues .
> The front page of the wiki says "See DebianWiki/Contact if you need to
> contact the people running this wiki".   Doing so will lead you to a
> page including:
>  Report a bug?
>      Use the pseudo package wiki.debian.org to report bugs.
> Neither of the above seem particularly hidden imho, but I'm sure
> suggestions as to how they could made more obvious would be welcomed.

The problem here is that link is only at one page, it needs to be on
every page. For instance it would be nice for example if there was
also the Contact us link on every page alongside the Frontpage, Recent
Changes,Find page and Help Contents . Probably its not being
highlighted because perhaps the team has its hands full with some
other things I am not aware of. Although in the long run, it would
really help if the contact us link could be constant on every wiki
page rather than only in the Main Page.

Somehow someone is assuming that people would land up in the main page
and look way below at that page to find the contact us link. There are
two things wrong with that :-

a. People may come/enter and leave the wiki from any place. I for one
usually look more for the 'Titles' and 'text search' to find some
info. rather than use the main page.

b. Even in the main page (www.wiki.debian.org) the contact us link is
way down the page. It should be a bit more prominent and not lie

c. Another thing I noticed is there doesn't seem to be any tags or
Categories or anything like that. There should be some way to make
sense or have an understanding about where one is coming from. Also
there does not seem to be color codes or something to signify that
some info. is outdated/old or for specific version of Debian only.

For instance see this wiki page http://wiki.debian.org/DpkgTriggers ,
now broadly it seems either to do with Debian development or System
Administration and because it says lenny then atleast some of those
instructions might be Lenny specific and others might be relevant now.
Frankly I do know whether it is to do with Debian Development,
Developers or Users . It would be nice if there were either some kind
of taxonomy put up either user-generated tags or traditional
'Categories' so people atleast have an idea to whom the page is

> Regards,
> Adam

Just my 2 paise.

          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
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