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Re: Wiki history, reporting bugs and not enough info.


On Wed, 2011-04-13 at 01:41 +0530, shirish शिरीष wrote:
> Please look at the wiki page
> http://wiki.debian.org/ReleaseGoals/BootPerformance . Now this page is
> not a new page and from what I understand it was one of the original
> ideas I see several issues with that page (not the content within it
> though for the moment) as it exhibits some 'failures' as I have seen
> in other webpages as well.
> a. Not able to see history :- I do not know if I said this before or
> not, I would like to see the history as it tells me where it came from
> and how/where things change. The versioning and diffing of articles is
> as important if not more than the actual content within the article
> itself. I tried looking in the more Actions sub-menu if there is/was
> some option that I missed.

You missed the "Info" link a little to the left of "More Actions", which
gives you a history of the changes and the ability to see the
differences between revisions.

> d. Lastly, is there some virtual package where I can file these
> bug-reports (against some virtual package) using reportbug so I'm able
> to track any or all these issues .

The front page of the wiki says "See DebianWiki/Contact if you need to
contact the people running this wiki".   Doing so will lead you to a
page including:

  Report a bug?

      Use the pseudo package wiki.debian.org to report bugs.

Neither of the above seem particularly hidden imho, but I'm sure
suggestions as to how they could made more obvious would be welcomed.



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