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Re: Validation of webwml pages

Hi Holger,

On Wed, Apr 06, 2011 at 08:59:35PM +0200, Holger Wansing wrote:
> Hello,
> "Eder L. Marques" <eder@edermarques.net> wrote:
> > >>   As you may already be aware of, a script is run (every four hours) on
> > >> www-master to spot validation errors [1], so we can keep up with the
> > >> website quality.
> > >>
> > >> 	1: http://www-master.debian.org/build-logs/validate/
> > 
> > Does it possible for us translator to run this script locally? This
> > could help to avoid commit broken files.
> Ping?
> Is there a possibility to run that script locally?

yes: you can found the script here [1]. Just copy it on your system, adjust
permissions to make it executable (chmod +x) and run "scriptname.pl --help" to
see the options availble.

> Or how do people work to fix such validation errors?
> I had to fix two errors in de today (not my errors BTW) and so
> I ran into this:
> the output of the validation script is somewhat fuzzy, the mentioned
> lines and characters are not exact, the error itself is on different
> lines (often|sometimes ?) for what I can say. And I had three mentioned
> errors for one "error".

Generally I solve validation issues this way:

1. find the line number of the error on the script log
2. generate the html file for the page afflicted by the validation error
3. individuate the error (thanks to the line number on the log) on the html
file (the line number of the log file always refers to the html page not to
the wml source!)
4. find the error in the wml source and fix it

When I've fixed all errors, I re-build the html page and pass it to the
validate script, to be sure that is clean, and then I commit the wml source.

It's quite common that validation errors are related, so don't worry if there
are a lot of similar errors in various lines. Maybe fixing the first, you'll
automagically fix the others. ;)

Hope this helps,

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