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Bug#612575: *.debian.org: remove empty space on left side?

Hi there!

On Wed, 09 Feb 2011 14:25:22 +0100, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>  This is longer as it should need to be, but I want to have some of the
> background well explained and pointed out to be able to use it as
> reference for others.

Thank you, this is why I wanted to put a hint on the wiki.

> * Luca Capello <luca@pca.it> [2011-02-09 11:59:14 CET]:
>> >> BTW, if is OK if I add a link to this bug just after the FAQ entry?
>> >
>> >  It's a wiki. ;)
>> I know, just to be sure it was OK to put a reference there and not in
>> the comment section, anyway, done:
>>   <http://wiki.debian.org/KallesDesign?action=diff&rev2=55&rev1=54>
>  The comment you did put is a fair bit misleading.  It was discussed WAY
> before you filed this bugreport, and a concensus across those people
> interested to work on the website has been reached.  You might not like
> the result of that discussion, but pointers and invitations to join the
> effort where handed around on blogs (aggregated on planet), mailinglists
> (not only debian-www but also debian-devel-announce (the must-read
> list), and -devel, -project and a fair mount of others), dents (in the
> debian group, syndicated also on twitter with the debian keyword) and at
> debconf since the last two years (pixelgirl's talk at debconf8, marga's
> talk at debconf9), and only coming when it was finally put into place
> isn't very helpful.

I fully agree on your words, but for the sake of completeness please
notice that I did not object at all WRT to you closing the bug, simply
stating that with my maintainer hat on I would have used wontfix.  And
in my submission I explicitly blamed me for not having act before
(something which IMHO resembles your last sentence).

Before submitting the bug I checked the BTS for this problem and found
none, thus I went on.  And the fact that there was no link on the wiki
about the discussion that resulted in this decision is IMHO a bit
misleading as well (BTW, thank you for correcting my words there).

>  Comments and suggestions are all fair and fine and gladly welcome, but
> please accept and respect the decision and reasoning of those who have
> worked on getting this enormous task finally done and into play.
> Everything else comes across as pretty downputting, demotivating and
> leaves the impression that you don't trust the people who actually did
> invest their time and effort into into a task that noone else really was
> interested in.

Again, for the sake of completeness: I *accept/trust* everything you
(and all the others involved in the new design) have done and will do,
and I think I was quite clear in my first submission (look at the words
in the parenthesis).  I know how to help in Debian and I blame myself
every time I do not do that for various reasons (still I live with it).

>> I will prepare an example and come back with the code ;-)
>  Don't be surprised if it might get ignored like we were ignored (or
> rather, even received snide scathing comments) over the last years.  We
> will try to be a better receiving partner in this game though, so don't
> let this hinder you to invest your time.

No problem at all in being ignored, this was a wishlist bug anyway.

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

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