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Bug#612575: *.debian.org: remove empty space on left side?


 This is longer as it should need to be, but I want to have some of the
background well explained and pointed out to be able to use it as
reference for others.

* Luca Capello <luca@pca.it> [2011-02-09 11:59:14 CET]:
> Fair enough, and we also know that not all bug reporters check existing
> bugs before...

 Otherwise we wouldn't be flooded with "packages.d.o not working" right
now, indeed.

> >> BTW, if is OK if I add a link to this bug just after the FAQ entry?
> >
> >  It's a wiki. ;)
> I know, just to be sure it was OK to put a reference there and not in
> the comment section, anyway, done:
>   <http://wiki.debian.org/KallesDesign?action=diff&rev2=55&rev1=54>

 The comment you did put is a fair bit misleading.  It was discussed WAY
before you filed this bugreport, and a concensus across those people
interested to work on the website has been reached.  You might not like
the result of that discussion, but pointers and invitations to join the
effort where handed around on blogs (aggregated on planet), mailinglists
(not only debian-www but also debian-devel-announce (the must-read
list), and -devel, -project and a fair mount of others), dents (in the
debian group, syndicated also on twitter with the debian keyword) and at
debconf since the last two years (pixelgirl's talk at debconf8, marga's
talk at debconf9), and only coming when it was finally put into place
isn't very helpful.

 Comments and suggestions are all fair and fine and gladly welcome, but
please accept and respect the decision and reasoning of those who have
worked on getting this enormous task finally done and into play.
Everything else comes across as pretty downputting, demotivating and
leaves the impression that you don't trust the people who actually did
invest their time and effort into into a task that noone else really was
interested in.

 Let me iterate here that comments and suggestions are welcome indeed,
and that we do encourage people to speak up (like for the issues pointed
out with the planet theming and the red name bar, we are musing what
would be the best option here).  We though don't want to iterate
discussions without any further new input just because someone was
around the last years but not interested enough to raise their voice
during that time but only now on topics that were discussed in lengths
already and comes across to disregard these discussions and decisions
they weren't interested to join in in the first place.

> I will prepare an example and come back with the code ;-)

 Don't be surprised if it might get ignored like we were ignored (or
rather, even received snide scathing comments) over the last years.  We
will try to be a better receiving partner in this game though, so don't
let this hinder you to invest your time.

 Thank you for your understanding,
"What are the differences between Mark Zuckerberg and me? I give private
 information on corporations to you for free, and I'm a villain.
 Zuckerberg gives your private information to corporations for money and
 he's Man of the Year."         -- Julian Assange

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