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Bug#612561: www.debian.org: packages.debian.org - not displaying hits in lenny/oldstable or squeeze/stable

        Hi there!

* Vincent McIntyre <vincent.mcintyre@csiro.au> [2011-02-09 07:38:28 CET]:
> I performed the following search:
> (Wed Feb  9 06:30 UTC 2011)
>   lynx http://packages.debian.org/xfce4
> This returned exact hits and partial-match hits correctly for the sid/unstable
> and experimental distributions, but nothing for lenny/oldstable or
> squeeze/stable.

 There was an unfortunate confusion in this respect during the release
process and the required updates, it turned out that the database of the
site got false data, so we started to rebuild that information from
scratch, which for the amount of packages in the various suites takes a
fair amount of processing time.

 Please be patient with us for a few more hours, we expect this to be
fixed soon.

 Thanks for your report,
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