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Debian frontpage feedback


thanks a lot for working on the layout of the Debian website! :-)

Having said that...

- I'd propose to have 13px as the absolut minimum font-size. Anything below is 
just not readable by many users. The current font-size of 9.75px for small 
elements is a pain to read.

- Text columns should not be to wide. If they are, the eye looses orientation 
and the text get's more unpleasant to read. I've found the following 
guidelines: 60-80 characters or 10-12 words (in english texts) or 30-35em.

- You could put the news and security advisors on the frontpage in a column on 
the right and thus making the main text narrower.

There are some other smaller points. But since I don't have any education in 
design I'm not sure if I'm right about it. It would maybe be best to get the 
help of a professional web designer.

Beste Gruesse,

Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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