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Re: reporting spam in archive for debian-www list

On Jo, 20 ian 11, 14:05:28, Francesca Ciceri wrote:
> Hi all,
> following the example of what are doing Christian Perrier and others for
> debian-boot mailing list and -french lists, I've created a wiki page [1] to
> coordinate the reporting of spam in the archive for the debian-www list.
> Is only needed that few people go through the list archive for every month and
> report all spam that they see, using the button "Report as spam". 
> That should get the messages listed for the next stage: the review by DDs of
> reported spam, and their eventual removal.
> Spam needs to be reported by multiple people. So it could be useful to
> coordinate the efforts through the wiki page and the table in itself. :)

I'm already bouncing spam to report-listspam@lists.debian.org for more 
than a couple of months as per

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