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Re: When and how can we migrate out of CVS and WML ? (Re: How to make Debian more attractive for users)

[For unknown reasons this mail did not show up (yet?) on debian-www. Not 
snipping anything for context]

On Vi, 30 iul 10, 13:03:09, Bas Zoetekouw wrote:
> Hi Andrei!
> You wrote:
> > As soon as you have all translatable material in .po format it should be 
> > possible to write (or adapt existing) parsers to move away from wml if 
> > needed, and switching to another VCS will also be easy, as the current 
> > translation infrastructure relies heavily on peculiarities of CVS.
> Actually, I've been working on rewriting all perl script to remove the
> explicit dependencies on CVS.  Most of the work is done, actually, I
> only have to finish the translation statistics and some less often used
> scripts.

Does this still rely on the translation-check header? I don't know about 
others but it was a pain to keep it updated, one more reason for .po

> After this is done, it is not a big issue anymore to migrate away from
> CVS (to git, for example).  This would facilitate major changes to the
> site greatly.
> I don't really see wml as a big issue there;  it is flexible enough to
> handle any kind of new layout.

I bet it does, but the people complaining about wml did not mention what 
the issues were and did not propose an alternative.

> Bas.

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