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Re: When and how can we migrate out of CVS and WML ? (Re: How to make Debian more attractive for users)

On Vi, 30 iul 10, 10:06:53, Charles Plessy wrote:
> What I am saying is that if there is no way to automatically convert from WML
> to whichever format makes a consensus, then I am willing to do the work by hand
> for the pages under /devel/debian-med. And this for the translations as well,
> if we do not change our current strategy. (If we switch to PO catalogs, I may
> not be able to transfer the contents, at least without proofreading).

I'm by far not an expert in these matters, but AFAICT the move to po is 
the big blocker.

As soon as you have all translatable material in .po format it should be 
possible to write (or adapt existing) parsers to move away from wml if 
needed, and switching to another VCS will also be easy, as the current 
translation infrastructure relies heavily on peculiarities of CVS.

Moving to .po probably needs a coordinated effort including at least the 
coordinators from all the languages that have more than just a few 
translated pages.

Is there some wiki page about this project? I can start one, but not 
until tomorrow.

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