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Re: blessing non-profit, worldwide CD vendors


* Stefano Zacchiroli <leader@debian.org> [2010-07-28 18:00:23 CEST]:
> [ please Cc:-me on replies, M-F-T set ]

 Erm, you also should put the lists into the M-F-T if you don't want
mails to end up only in your mailbox but also on the lists. ;)

> Hi guys, I'm in contact with the people behind
> <http://www.debiancd.org>, about their relationship with Debian. In
> fact, the project is non-profit and aims at giving back all its profit
> to Debian (that hasn't happened yet, because at the moment they are
> not yet gaining anything ...).

 Their statistics also only speak of 17 pieces so far. :)

> AFAICT from our <http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/> page, this situation
> is fairly peculiar as other vendors are for-profit, even if some of them
> permits CD buyers to pay more and give the difference to Debian.  I
> think that difference warrant some kind of "blessing" of debiancd.org,
> as buying via them would support the Debian project more than other
> vendors. What do you think of that? If you agree, I'll be happy to
> propose a specific wording.

 I'm not that sure about that, to be honest. Setting a precedence for
that can open a can of worms. There might also be other non-profit
projects listed in there. Having special blessing, especially with the
name of debiancd, might give the impression that it's an official Debian
sub-project of some sort which puts us in completely different light
with our claims that we don't sell anything on our own.

> As an alternative, if you don't think the difference warrants the
> blessing, we might add a differentiation among for-profits and
> non-profits CD vendors, and furthermore among worldwide and non
> worldwide vendors.

 At first look such a seperation might make sense - but I'd like to
point out to think about it carefully: Having e.g. a seperation between
worldwide and non-worldwide vendors will put the second ones into a very
bad place as people might look at the first ones only. If they are put
first then the worldwide sending people would request to be listed in
both to not be pushed down.

 The only seperation that would make sense IMHO is between vendors that
do allow donations and ones that don't. I'm a bit surprised right now
that this isn't done at all, this would endorse using those that allow
donations and would put a (potential small, but still) pressure on those
who don't.

> The best of both worlds might be to do the "blessing" from start and
> then generalize it if other similar projects show up in the future.

 Blessing is something that should be done very very carefully - and
given that the debiancd site is really really new I'd rather want to
postpone it for a while until some feedback and experience with them
flows in.

 <nitpick type="minor">Btw., the CD type information talks about the KDE
and XFCE/LXDE disks to contain said environment but doesn't mention that
the regular CD type contains GNOME. Guess that should be

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