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Bug#583670: please provide a RSS/Atom feed for news items on the homepage

clone 583670 -1 -2
retitle -1 Please add RSS feed to the web pages headers
retitle -2 RSS feeds for the project news contain escaped html markup


* Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org> [100529 14:36]:

> Now, I've written before helpers that generate RSS, and I'm willing to
> contribute one for this specific case. Nevertheless the README files under
> News/ are a bit scary in stating that only press/webmasters should fiddle with
> them, so I'm looking for advice. Where can a script that generates RSS/Atom
> (and commits it?) can be hooked at in the process of maintaining the HTML
> listing of news on the website homepage?
> An alternative less invasive solution would be to have a separate script
> elsewhere checking out periodically from CVS the News/ directory, generate the
> RSS feed, and have it referenced from the homepage. That would work, wouldn't
> be that much at stake with feed technology (which does pull anyhow), but
> somehow doesn't feel "right".

No concerns from my side to work on that.  Note that there alread is a
script for something similar in the News/weekly folder, which is also
integrated into the regular build process, so it as least possible.

There's also something to generate a RSS feed for the security

Oh, and while talking about that, and should you happen to look the
weekly script:  It currently has two bugs (for which I now found the
time to "report" them ;) :

1) The RSS feed should be added to the corresponding web pages heads
  (That would be '<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml"
   title="RSS" href="...">' IIRC).
2) The RSS feed for the project news is currently broken, as the < and >
   signs of embedded html tags are escaped, too.

For both problems I don't know how to proceed.

Best Regards,

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