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Bug#583670: please provide a RSS/Atom feed for news items on the homepage

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: wishlist

Heya, it would be great to have a RSS and/or Atom feed for the news section of
the Debian homepage (and possibly a different one for the advisories listed
there too). I know it's stuff one can already follow via mailing list(s), but a
lot of people these days uses feeds directly, I think we can offer a service to
more users offering both.

Now, I've written before helpers that generate RSS, and I'm willing to
contribute one for this specific case. Nevertheless the README files under
News/ are a bit scary in stating that only press/webmasters should fiddle with
them, so I'm looking for advice. Where can a script that generates RSS/Atom
(and commits it?) can be hooked at in the process of maintaining the HTML
listing of news on the website homepage?

An alternative less invasive solution would be to have a separate script
elsewhere checking out periodically from CVS the News/ directory, generate the
RSS feed, and have it referenced from the homepage. That would work, wouldn't
be that much at stake with feed technology (which does pull anyhow), but
somehow doesn't feel "right".

Any hint?
Thanks for maintaining www.d.o!

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