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Re: simple question about MoinMoin


 Not sure wether you are subscribed to the list - if so forgive me about
the additional mail. :)

* Carlos Miranda Molina - <Mstaaravin /> <cmiranda@ngen.com.ar> [2010-05-17 08:56:46 CEST]:
> I have a simple question about Debian wiki, why MoinMoin exactly......?
> Why not dokuwiki......? (KISS) ;)

 It doesn't offer some of the features that are used on the website.

> Why not mediawiki.....? (hummm not, replicationes are more complex)

 Because it doesn't offer much gain. See also

>  I think that the structure of Debian Wiki is complicated.

 That's nothing related to the wiki engine IMHO, and making suggestions
for improving it is surely appreciated - please though be aware that
some people might opose to some suggestions with reasons, so be prepared
to be able to argue about why your approach would be better. :)

 So long!

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