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Re: debian linux 5.0 stable version


where do you stay in india?


On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 2:07 PM, Ashish Bond <ash_welcome11@yahoo.com> wrote:
i request you please understand

i cannot afford the price of debian 5.0 stable version dvd's from venders nor i cannot download it as i do not have internet connection.

i just request you please give me a set of dvd's for free.
it will not cost you very much but it will help me to a great extent.
i will not make you loose for giving me a set of dvd's for free but i will gain you regarding software development.
please help me because i need it.
please help me as god help their followers without thinking any of the profit from them.
please think over it
please help me regarding this.
i am from india.
thanking you,
your's sincerely

please understand my condition , please help me
please please please...
i will be true hearted to you
god bless.

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Deepak Tripathi
E3 71V3 8Y C063 (We Live By Code)

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