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Re: Per-wiki package namespaces and automated retrieval of wiki pages

On Thu, Apr 01, 2010 at 09:58:08AM +0800, Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> was heard to say:
> I'd maybe go with a less generic prefix for the namespace
> than /packages.

  I actually picked a generic name on purpose, with the idea that the
pages should be "real" Wiki pages with easily memorable URLs, in
addition to being pulled into package managers.  I also had an analogy
to packages.debian.org in mind; this is sort of an editable

  Is there a downside I'm not seeing, or a Wiki convention I'm stepping
on?  I guess I could always reserve a debian.net name and do some URL
rewriting to get the short, memorable names.  (e.g.,
wikipackages.debian.net/foo -> wiki.debian.org/package-manager-wiki/foo)

  What were you thinking about as a better prefix?  I don't have any
other bright ideas right now.

> I don't know anything about the XMLRPC interface to moinmoin, but if
> that is what you prefer we could probably arrange to enable it again now
> that the security fix for it is installed on the server.

  That seemed like the most straightforward route, although my knowledge
of this area is pretty shallow, so I'd be happy to hear if there are
better ways that I'm overlooking.

> For displaying the information you'd probably want to go with HTML via
> xulrunner or webkit? If you want a special theme for that HTML we could
> install it on the server once it is developed. We've already done so for
> the planned new theme for the Debian website and other Debian sites.

  My initial plan was to use webkit.  I might also use html2text to
dump pages at the command-line and in curses.


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