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Re: on /partners/ (still) drafts


On Sun, Nov 01, 2009 at 05:12:46PM +0100, Simon Paillard wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 01, 2009 at 01:17:52PM -0200, Andre Felipe Machado wrote:
> > So, the drafts were not linked from any page. They were reachable only by direct
> > url typing.
> > Care was taken to not mess any of the css at other sections, only at the
> > /partners subtree, testing what was known at the time at my local machine.
> > Beyond the cvs messages explaining draft status, the clear text "place holders",
> > also discussing with publicity and i10n-english lists, I included a notice to
> > avoid translations for a while. I guessed it was enough...
> Sure and thanks for the care. Still webwml CVS / buildsystem does not
> replace local build for draft pages.
http://www.debian.org/partners/financial_partners is still is as draft
status, and obviously reachable through search engines through keywords
like the ones you can guess.

As we cannot keep draft pages forever, I suggest to move this page out
of the CVS. Don't hesitate to ask if you need help in building wml
outside of www-master (on alioth for example).

cvs -d :local:/cvsroot/webwml/ co -l webwml webwml/english 
cvs -d :local:/cvsroot/webwml/ co webwml/Perl webwml/english/template webwml/english/Pics webwml/english/logos/ webwml/english/partners

spaillard@alioth:~/webwml/english/partners$ make financial_partners.en.html
wml -q -D CUR_YEAR=2010 -o UNDEFuEN:financial_partners.en.html@g+w financial_partners.wml
../../touch_translations.pl /srv/alioth.debian.org/chroot/home/users/spaillard/webwml/english/partners/financial_partners.wml en


Feel free to perform the same on your alioth account.


Simon Paillard

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