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Re: Re: Re: debian upgrade stable to testing


22.01.10, 22:41, "Osamu Aoki" <osamu@debian.org>:
>  I was going to make it easy for newbie by adding something in FAQ....
>  filed #566010 and with help by Joost van Baal, I was about to commit....
>  Then I found:
>  3.1.11 I am currently tracking stable. Can I change to testing or unstable? If so, How?
>  3.1.12 I am currently tracking testing (squeeze). What will happen when a release is made? Will I still be tracking testing or will my machine be running the new stable distribution?

Problem is solved, queries:

find a good answer:
 with many links like this:


Maybe add to FAQ different forms of a question for search engine?

Alexey Shrub

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