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Re: Re: debian upgrade stable to testing

Shrub Alexey wrote:
> 21.01.10, 07:16, "Frank Lin PIAT" <fpiat@klabs.be>:
>>  Upgrading from Stable to Testing is almost identical to upgrading from
>>  one stable release to another (i.e upgrading from Lenny to Squeeze) ,
>>  but doing so ahead of time.
>>  For Lenny to squeeze (not published yet):
>>    http://www.debian.org/releases/squeeze/releasenotes
>>  Franklin
> Thanks, but I am wrote this letter becÁuse my friend, newbie in debian
> (but not newbie in the internet), can not find answer for question "How to
> upgrade Debian from stable to testing" on debian.org
> If this answer will be in FAQ - all newbie found it, without problem

Thanks to your message, Joost van Baal has written an FAQ entry.



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