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Re: How vendor pages are maintained?

* Richard Atterer <atterer@debian.org> [2009-12-27 12:58:44 CET]:
> The form data is sent to cdvendors@d.o, which is not a mailing list, it's 
> just forwarded to a couple of people; csmall, possibly Josip and Phil 
> Blundell(?) - I don't really know. :-| Listmaster should be able to get 
> people added/removed.

 Not listmaster, webmaster. ;)  It's in the special alias file for the
webteam on klecker. Currently I don't have access to it to look up who's
in it, but if someone wants to raise their voice to help out please note
so and you'll be added. From what I remember last time I looked we also
have archives of mails sent there so it shouldn't be a problem to get
the backlog to newly added people (if you tell us a cut-date).

 Hope that helps!

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