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Re: Installation problems

On Tue, Dec 08, 2009 at 01:42:01PM +0100, Daniel CRK wrote:
> Dear Debian Developers!

Hello Daniel.

> I need your assistance in installing Debian.

The list debian-www is about discussing the Debian *website*.
For getting help, you can use debian-user mailing lists (some of them
are available in your own language) or select an other mean from

So the reply-to is set to debian-user.

> I downloaded the latest STABLE version in DVD iso format and I've
> burned the image on dvd.

People that may help you need precise facts. Did you burn
debian-503-i386-DVD-1.iso ?

> I tryed to install Debian on 2 PC's, both of 'em are on P4 level, with at
> least 1024Mb RAM, 80 and 120Gb HDD, on old, but tested hardware.
> I suppose the hardware isn't erroneous.
> The problem is: when I get to "Select and install software'  I get the
> message: 'Installation step failed, You can run the falling item again from
> the menu, or skip it and choose something else. The falling step is: Select
> and install software."
> Everytime I try to run it again, it has the same problem, I've tryed many
> times both with the graphic and the text installer, but the problem still
> comes out.
> I've tried on another AMD based computer, It just froze on the first screen
> of the installer.

Simon Paillard

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