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Possible bug in the spanish translation of the site

There seems to be a problem while trying to browse debian.org in english from a computer located in an spanish speaking country. In my case, when entering debian.org from Argentina, I am automatically directed to the spanish-translated homepage. After scrolling down and choosing the english version (which redirects me to http://www.debian.com/index.en.html) I can visualize the english version, but when clicking on some links (most of them, actually) I am directed to the spanish version of such link. In some cases I can still access the english version by clicking the english option in the bottom of the page (same as the homepage.) The problems appears to be in the linking, since I have been able to locate some of the files by guessing its english-version name and typing it in the navigation bar.

Hope you will find this helpfull.
Nicolas, from Argentina.
PS: I would really like to apologize if this mail is unclear, has grammar or spelling errors or is badly redacted. Although I´m used to reading in english on a daily basis I don´t usually have the need to express myself in it, for which I am not really good at doing so, particulary when it comes to writing.

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