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Re: DDTP page doesn't work

Hi Lukasz,

DDTP is under debian-i18n scope, so CC et M-F-T to them.

On Wed, Nov 04, 2009 at 09:40:04PM +0100, Lukasz Slotwinski wrote:
> I've recently joined Polish translation team and I'm a bit worried because I
> can't use the web-page to translate packages. Is there a big problem? Or
> maybe you know when it's going to be available? I check a few times per day
> if the page is working.

Some news about this issue:

Maybe Christian has some fresh news ?

> I've also asked a friend to support the project, so it would be a pity if
> she resigned because of temporary problems.

There are many other ways to help Debian: translating/proofreading
website or documentation translation. More on

> How often do you have this type of problems (I mean without access to
> a web-page)?

Fortunately, it's a quite rare issue, but this happen to be one week
long now :-(

Simon Paillard

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