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About your horse stalls and facility.


My name is Matt Smith; I live just South of Saint Louis.  I'm an equestrian equipment and facility designer.  I wanted to extend my services to you when you are considering re-modeling or building a new facility or purchasing horse stalls.  My initial consultation is completely free and of course without obligation.

Please view some examples on my web site: http://www.mgs-designs.com/equine.htm

I Specialize in Equine Facility Layout and Planning:  2D CAD Blueprints & Drawings, 3D CAD Photo-Real Digital Renderings and Animations. 

Please keep me as an important industry contact.  And I hope you would contact me to discuss your project:  matt@mgs-designs.com  I always enjoy discussing projects.  Or feel free to call me day or night at my home/office: 573-218-9226


Matt Smith




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