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on /partners/ drafts

Hi Andre,

andremachado-guest * english/partners/money_donors.wml: initial money donors draft
andremachado-guest * english/partners/index.include: initial money donors draft
andremachado-guest * english/debian.css: color and border correction for partners table headers
martinag-guest     * swedish/partners/money_donors.wml: Initial translation. Quite unnecessary, but it's a start when the list begins to fill.
andremachado-guest * english/partners/money_donors.wml: notice about draft status. Debian Financial partners retitle
andremachado-guest * english/partners/financial_partners.wml: new Debian Financial Partners naming
andremachado-guest * english/partners/money_donors.wml: moved to new file financial_partners.wml
martinag-guest     * swedish/partners/money_donors.wml: Remove file under development in English.
andremachado-guest * english/partners/financial_partners.wml: solved table width using cells without declared width

As your drafts will be visible on the website and might be translated
while it's still in early stage, I would recommend build drafts on your
own system or on alioth.

Don't hesitate to ask me if
http://www.debian.org/devel/website/using_wml doesn't provide you the
necessary the needed information :-)

Once pages names and content is ready, then don't hesitate to commit it
to the website.

Best regards.

Simon Paillard

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