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Re: To improve chinese web pages, migration to/translation in UTF-8

On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 09:58:11AM +0800, Hsin-lin Cheng wrote:
> I'm a newcomer to help translation in Chinese.

Thanks for your interest :-)

> I noticed that web pages in Chinese is still not in utf-8.
> big5/gb2312 is NOT good for Chinese pages when pages mixed other languages.
> There is a idea to migrate and translate pages to utf-8,
> by using "enca" and "cconv".
> Enca is a charset analyser to help to detect charset of existed wml files,
> and cconv is a simplified-traditional chinese conversion tool,
> it's can help to create pages in CN/TW/HK-UTF8.

I may miss the point, but if such tools are required for *moving to
utf-8*, then use them on your client side, then commit all the utf8
files to the CVS repo.

In the case these tools are actually required to build pages *from UTF8*
wml files, then it may be requested to Debian sysadmins.

> The method should need to install these tools on the web server,
> so I need some helps and discussions.  :)

A recent discussion about the move to UTF8:

Hope this helps.

Simon Paillard

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