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Re: One of your distribution vendors is no good.

I sent them out shortly after the order was received. As for an email I never received an email from a Mr. Brian Mast. I am deeply sorry for how it played out but the discs were shipped out and I cannot be responsible for lost or damaged discs. As for my refund policy I must have to be contacted and asked for a refund 20-30 days after the items are purchased. I am deeply sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused but the items were shipped out. Furthermore I can offer 2 months free website hosting in exchange for this unfortunate set of events. If the customer is inclined to take my offer he can contact me at JCarlin6@yahoo.com

From: Richard Atterer <richard@2009.atterer.net>
To: JCarlin6@yahoo.com
Cc: Bman <zygodactyl_1@stovermo.com>; debian-www@lists.debian.org
Sent: Mon, October 19, 2009 12:25:52 PM
Subject: Re: One of your distribution vendors is no good.

Hello James,

we received the complaint below. What is your comment on this problem? If
we hear nothing from you, or if we receive further complaints, we might
indeed have to remove you from the Debian vendor list.



On Sun, Oct 18, 2009 at 07:46:49PM -0600, Bman wrote:
> On August 16th of this year, I ordered a Debian DVD pack from James
> Carlin, a U.S. vendor listed on your site. I drive truck OTR,
> therefore I do not get home very often to check my mail. When I
> finally did get home and discovered that my DVDs had not arrived, I
> verified that Pay-Pal had indeed paid James, then I e-mailed him. I
> have yet to receive an answer from him after more than a month of
> waiting. Pay-Pal apparently cannot get me a refund.
> Please at least remove him from your vendor list if you can't get
> hold of him either so that nobody else gets ripped off by him.
> What I ordered:
> Debian: 5 Debian DVD's
> Version x386, PPC, Etc...:
> Item Number:    
>     0003
> Brian Mast
> P.O. Box 298
> Stover, Mo. 65078
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