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One of your distribution vendors is no good.

 On August 16th of this year, I ordered a Debian DVD pack from James Carlin, a U.S. vendor listed on your site. I drive truck OTR, therefore I do not get home very often to check my mail. When I finally did get home and discovered that my DVDs had not arrived, I verified that Pay-Pal had indeed paid James, then I e-mailed him. I have yet to receive an answer from him after more than a month of waiting. Pay-Pal apparently cannot get me a refund.
 Please at least remove him from your vendor list if you can't get hold of him either so that nobody else gets ripped off by him.
What I ordered:
Debian: 5 Debian DVD's
Version x386, PPC, Etc...:
Item Number:

Brian Mast
P.O. Box 298
Stover, Mo. 65078

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