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Re: Squeeze


On Sat, Oct 17, 2009 at 10:00:09PM +0200, yellow protoss wrote:
> I would like to write you this note email. Like you, I love Debian. It's
> really a high quality mother Distro. I used it when I was in engineer
> school, and still today keep using it, since its very beginning.
> I would like to install squeeze, using installers on a fat32, and I have to
> say. Although the website is very well done, but finding an ISO file or an
> installer for a specific release is bit messy or impossible.
> Well I know well debian.org, and still i didnt make it. :(

Where did you expect this information to be available? Which links did
you click on ?

You have 2 paths from http://www.debian.org/ :
* Get ISO, then Get through HTTP, then link "testing distribution":

* Other versions, then Squeeze/testing, then installer page:

> Like floppy disks for stable, this is also quite not easy to find on the
> pages.

Because there are no longer floppy for stable.

> On the other stable iso, can be found very well.
> Regarding the explanation of lenny, squeeze, sid... stable , testing, that
> shall be too more straigthforward to let know the new user to
> understand a bit quickly what it is about.

I consider that http://www.debian.org/releases/ with a link to the FAQ
with more explanations covers that. What more would you like to read on this
page ?

> Well a new friend of mine will install debian ;) cool and I am glad she got
> already her ISO i386 stable. :)
> Best regards
> Long Life to Debian!
> and thank you for working on Linux, keeping the magic Debian intact since
> its very beginning.

Thanks !!

Simon Paillard

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