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I would like to write you this note email. Like you, I love Debian. It's really a high quality mother Distro. I used it when I was in engineer school, and still today keep using it, since its very beginning.

I would like to install squeeze, using installers on a fat32, and I have to say. Although the website is very well done, but finding an ISO file or an installer for a specific release is bit messy or impossible.
Well I know well debian.org, and still i didnt make it. :(

Like floppy disks for stable, this is also quite not easy to find on the pages.
On the other stable iso, can be found very well.

Regarding the explanation of lenny, squeeze, sid... stable , testing, that shall be too more
straigthforward to let know the new user to understand a bit quickly what it is about.
Well a new friend of mine will install debian ;) cool and I am glad she got already her ISO i386 stable. :)
Best regards
Long Life to Debian!
and thank you for working on Linux, keeping the magic Debian intact since its very beginning.

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