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Re: Potential www redesign at www.deb.at


On Tue, Oct 06, 2009 at 12:37:06PM -0700, Don Armstrong wrote:
> Rhonda and Kalle have been doing work to make Kalle's proposal
> reality, which you can view at http://www.deb.at. Presumably they'll
> fill us in on more details soon.

Thanks you.  It is certainly better looking than we have now.

As I mentioned on current page on August 18th, graphics size should be
carefully minimized.  On this proposal:

 *  HTML             16.79 KB
 *  CSS         about 4.20 KB
 * Debian logo:      8.09 KB 211px x 150px  <<< slightly big.
 *  Open logo:        1.74 KB  50px ×  61px
 *  cropped-swirls:  22.36 KB 593px × 150px  <<<< oops big !!!

I may be accessing this page via packet network on small MID device
running armel soon :-)

Reducing file size and screen foot print for these top graphics area
should help situation.

Please remember that we may not always have the fast connection.  There
are users connected over MODEM.  Information first, please.  

24kbps = 3kB/sec --> 10KB is 3 sec. 


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