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Re: Potential www redesign at www.deb.at

First, Hi list I'm Kalle.

On 19:45 Tue 06 Oct, Florian Weimer wrote:
> * Don Armstrong:
> > Rhonda and Kalle have been doing work to make Kalle's proposal
> > reality, which you can view at http://www.deb.at. Presumably they'll
> > fill us in on more details soon.
> I like it.  The banner at the top of the start page brings in a lot of
> uneasiness, though.  Perhaps something else can be used in the final
> version?

Florian if I understand you correctly you are referring to the swirls
and the logo displayed above the intro text.

Those graphics are intended as placeholders, there is a certain hypnotic
Kaa from the Junglebook effect with those swirls. Something a little bit
less confusing might be a good idea. Alhough I like it more and more the
way it is.

What you see is more proof of concept that anything else. The debian
logo is a separate image and the swirls are a repeated graphic that
covers the width of the page in a relatively bandwith friendly way. (at
least for huge screens)

So what it shows is one centralised graphic with an 'open' repeated
graphic that visually suggests that it is extending beyond the div. A
visual as well as technical framework for future intro graphics that
avoids the closed box seen on current debian.org and for instance
gnome.org. Avoiding 'closed' graphics is the sort of decision that give
the page a visual lightness while keeping it lively.

Kalle Söderman   http://www.kalleswork.net   pgp AEE520DC

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