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Bug#540925: www.debian.org: web interface for bug needs specific error if package

reassign 540925 debbugs
retitle 540925 indicate that no maintianer means that the package doesn't exist anymore
summary 540925 0
severity 540925 minor

On Mon, 10 Aug 2009, Stéphane Blondon wrote:
> Of course, there is an error message but it's little bit confusing:
> ''There is no maintainer for this_package_does_not_exist. Please do
> not report new bugs against this package.
If there is no maintainer for a package, this means that the package
may not exist. I'll tweak the verbiage of this to indicate that the
package no longer exists (or never existed in the first place).

> There is no record of the this_package_does_not_exist package, and no
> bugs have been filed against it."
> The first sentence fits more orphan package, the second one is
> right. 

Both of them are correct, actually. Orphaned packages are maintained
by the QA team. I'll tweak the verbiage of this eventually.

Don Armstrong

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