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Bug#538780: Searchbox poor behaviour and redirecting directly to particular pages with terms

severity 538780 wishlist

On Mon, 2009-07-27 at 00:26 +0200, Omar Campagne wrote:
> severity: grave

This bug doesn't cause any data loss, or any such serious problem.

> At the search box in the regular page, and the FindPage, I get no 
> results with a lot of terms regarding search within the text.
> The search term " guia editor ", for example, or its combinations show 
> nothing.
> If you enter "guia" as sole string, or sometimes even without that 
> condition, the search invariably leads to :
> http://wiki.debian.org/SpanishL10N/GuiaInicio

This is the behaviour by design of moinmoin. The behaviour is usually

In this case, the page should be named something like:
  es/SpahishL10N/BeginerGuide or es/SpahishL10N/Introduction or similar
(you can add a note to that page, to suggest the maintainer to rename

In which case, moinmoin would reply "...not found"

I can't think of any sensible way to fix this problem, right now :(

(Hopefully, g**gle is more clever than the built in search engine, and
it will find the page.)


P.S. we are having some discussion with the i18n team to see how the
     translation could be handled more effectively on the wiki.

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