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My account at wiki.debian.org is OmarCampagne.

I'm trying to bring the Spanish translations in the wiki to a decent state, as well as introducing minor updates into some base pages.

My problem is that the wiki interface in Spanish is only half-translated, at the best, if not entirely misleading, as some links take you to empty pages (in example, when you click on help for searching in the Spanish UI). The previous translator translated the LinkNames (instead of es/LinkName, or leaving them as it is since there are no translations), but not the content of it, rendering some items totally useless (empty, asking you to create a page for it, I'll rather have it pointing to the en version rather than to an empty one).

As my account is new, I do not have administrative rights over any part of the wiki. Would it be possible to get them in order to translate the Spanish UI, and redirect those empty links to proper pages with content? As far as I see, I have no power to change the Spanish UI with this account.

I would also like to be able to merge or split pages, yet the UI doesn't show those options to a regular user. I would like to be able to merge base pages as the translations should be updated after the base pages. i.e., I can't translate the page for synaptic, as it has to be (ToDo) merged with another one describing more functions. It is pointless to translate a page till the base pages are merged. I would like to avoid double-working, and if I can do it by myself, the better.

It is not my intention to use those rights to turn the page upside-down with a major master plan of how the wiki should look, just to fix those inconveniences, particularly the ones regarding the Spanish UI,as they are misleading (in case they offer any information) to a spanish speaking user.

Thanks, Omar

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