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No easy-to-find information about DM on debian.org

Hello debian-www maintainers,

I recently noticed that it's not easy to find any information about the
new "Debian Maintainer" position from the debian.org web pages. It's
easy to find this page which talks about joining Debian:


And from there, after mentioning many other resources, the "New
Maintainer" process for becoming a "Debian Developer" is described here:


But nothing even mentions that there is another way to join Debian as a
"Debian Maintainer" which happens to have a separate process[*].

The only information I managed to find on the DM process lives in a wiki


But I failed to find any link to this information from either of the
pages I listed above.

At the very least, I think devel/join should acquire a link to
wiki.debian.org/Maintainers very near the current link to join/newmaint.

Another option would be to expand the text at the "New Maintainers'
Corner" to describe both the "Debian Maintainer" and "Debian Developer"
roles to help an interested candidate decide which to apply for. This
would require a bit more effort, (particularly since I'm unaware of any
existing text that provides such guidance).

Please let me know if there's anything more I can do to help,


[*] I would also argue that having independent processes for joining
Debian under slightly different roles (where one is a subset of the
other) is a bug. But that's a separate and larger bug than the missing
web-page link I'm reporting here.

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