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Re: Wiki and miroVIDEO DC10

On Wed, 2009-06-17 at 12:34 +0400, Nikolay Shaplov wrote:
> On Sun, 14 Jun 2009 20:09:12 +0200
> Frank Lin PIAT <fpiat@klabs.be> wrote:
> > It would be worth telling which DC10 you have tested.
> What should I tell? 
> $ lspci -vvv
> 02:0b.0 Multimedia video controller: Zoran Corporation ZR36057PQC Video
> Something else?

We have already added a line like the one above. (we have a script which
generate such list, based on the modules's built-in aliases).

> > Do you know if the card was working with Lenny/2.6.26?
> Yes it works. (At least it properly creates /dev/video0 . I am too
> lazy to drag DVD player from next room to check recording. But
> I'm sure if there is /dev/video0 then it works ;-) )
> > Did you file a bug against mplayer so it includes zoran module?
> No. Do you think I should?

If this feature is useful for you, it could be useful for other owners
of zoran based cards. The maintainer may or may not have some good
reasons to enable this feature... So you can just file a bug to ask for

> > Auto-configuration
> > Also you might find helpful an old update script that was written to
> > load zoran modules in 2.4.* kernels. It certainly does not work out
> > of box now, but you might find interesting information there.
> I do not think that this update script worth separate chapter it this
> article... For me it was very useful information, that helped me. but
> the same information can be found in cards.php. update sctipt is more
> understandable for me. But it can't be placed under Auto-configuration
> title as it almost can't be used for autoconfiguration, it needs much
> rewriting...

Actually, I believe that it could be drop completely, since 2.6 have
udev, modules aliases...

> I think this file should be mentioned as an information source, or just
> not mentioned at all...

It up to you.

> > * Kernel's
> > file:///usr/share/doc/linux-doc-2.6.26/Documentation/video4linux/Zoran.gz
> > (also available online).
> This link would properly work only on Lenny, and only if linux-doc is
> installed. I think we should not give direct file:// link in this case.




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