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Re: move skolelinux.es to skolelinux foundation? Re: skolelinux.es don't exist.


Holger Levsen escribió:

On Dienstag, 20. Januar 2009, Frank Lin PIAT wrote:
[www.skolelinux.es seems to be taken by a squatter]

No, not really. I have been doing some tests to try a better infrastructure.

I am forwarding this mail to debian-edu and to the owner of the
skolelinux.es website.

Strangely according to www.nic.es skolelinux.es belongs to Pablo:

Nombre del dominio	skolelinux.es
Titular	Pablo Pita Leira
Fecha de Alta	27/03/2006
Fecha Caducidad	27/03/2009

Pablo, can you fix the strange content there?

Yes, no problem. I keep a simple one page site now.

Also, the domain will expire soon. Can we move the domain to the norwegian skolelinux foundation?

Yes, I would have no problem with that.




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