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Bug#512368: please disable the gui editor [rt.debian.org #597]


This issue is known as both :
 - RT #597
 - Bug: 512368

Holger Levsen wrote:
> reading the diff of edits done by the gui editor is terribly, as it
> adds "random" linebreaks and other changes, making spotting the real diff
> really hard.

The GUI editor will be disable in Lenny's moinmoin 1.7, because it uses an
old version of "fckeditor" (it will be back in Squeeze's moinmoin 1.8+).
Therefore I agree we should disable the GUI editor. I find it sensible to
disable the GUI too.

This can be acheive by adding the following lines in /etc/moin/$foobar.cfg
   editor_force = True
   editor_default = 'text'

I suggest that we cordinate this change when we change to the "new" wiki
Frontpage "layout" (basically, switch to moinmoin "modern" CSS and use a
sidebar...), preview at:
 * http://www.klabs.be/debian-wiki-dev/


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