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Bug#509546: www.debian.org: not suitable consultants list


 I can't really deny that you propably got a valid point here, but:

a) debian-www isn't the place for that, the consultants pages are under
the responsibility of the consultants team (Cc'ing them to bring them on

b) even then I think it would be proper to give them the chance to
defent their claims, wether they have learned from their problems in the
past, or something like that.

 Leaving all you have written in as reference, even though it's in the
bugreport anyway. ;)

* Hideki Yamane <henrich@debian.or.jp> [2008-12-30 13:35:08 CET]:
>  nihonlinux.jp was owned by nihonsoft.jp's owner, and now other person
>  owns nihonlinux.jp. Come on wayback machine, take me to the world in 2002... 
>  Okay, here is http://web.archive.org/web/20021122152220/http://nihonlinux.jp/
>  Souhei Abe, is the person who did violated Mandrake's license and tried 
>  to apply GGPL (it's failure as license, broken) and has been the owner 
>  of that company, not someone else.
>  see http://lists.sourceforge.jp/pipermail/nihonlinux-process/ , and 
>  you can get his name in that archives.
>  He has not do any explanations about violation, just stop development and 
>  distribute (and delete its related links and documents).
>  I think it's same as we'll encourage SCO as a Linux consultant ;)

 So long!

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