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Request for Submissions

1. Name of organization: Micro-LUC, IT Firm, POLAND
2. Organization type: commercial
3. http://www.microluc.com.pl
4. In our firm Debian is used on a several workstations and servers We use it for post servers, database servers, web servers and VoIP servers (telephone-exchange). We currently use Debian on several servers, providing webmail, DNS and network monitoring. Debian is used on firms, in which we operate too. We use it in this firms for post servers, database servers, web and VoIP servers (telephone-exchange). Debian is used by the employers for office working and Internet browsing.

We choose a Debian because its fast, stable, safe and free. Debian is administrator friendly too. We try to implement Debian in all ousourced firmds for security and simplicity, Debian gave this firms everything what it needed.

Obs�uga informatyczna ma�ych i �rednich firm oraz os�rywatnych
Serwis Notebook'� komputer�C
PPUH Micro-Luc  Katowice  ul.Krasi�ego 25a lok.201
tel./fax 032 204-60-66   fax 032 720-58-61

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