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Debian - Sarge

I've this evening downloaded Sarge from the debian website. I downloaded the network install which is what I need following an online guide to creating a DNS server.

I've run it and got to the packages screen. It tries to update by both http and ftp and none of the mirrors seem to have the packages.

So.. I have come back to the debian website to find them. The problem? Going back to the page for 3.1- Sarge and clicking the download CD link takes me to the page to download version 4 for i386.

I want the packages for v3. Where has the page suddenly gone to that I downloaded the netinstaller from? - It has vanished and I've spent over an hour trying to get this working because suddenly the page has vanished with the links I needed.

Please help - ASAP as today is my last day off work. I won't be able to work on this again for days.

Thanks for having such a confusing site.

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