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Re: DebianWiki: Draft of a new frontpage [RFC]


In my opinion what Salokine Terata did with a front page and a page
layout was great. Its precise, to the point, easy to navigate, and
easy to translate.

I don't see why we would want to change the front page? It looks
really good to me! If somebody wants to add some work they should
improve it a little, make it more synced with the actual debian
installation or sync it more with current documentation.

The only thing I would concentrate on is:
1. Add a wiki link to a main site menu under Documentation
2. Link to the static docs for debian from wiki.
3. Add screenshots of installation process for stable, testing, unstable
4. Link to a faq from the wiki
5. Link to a http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/installmanual from
wiki under installation guide.
6. Document better how Osamu Aoki converts his wiki maintained "debian
reference" to an html and try converting some of the outdated docs to
a wiki and back.


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