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Debian Website

I was asked to repost this on the Debian list... so here goes.... 
Hope this doesn't start a flame-war. I meant it in the best spirit. I 

On Tue, Jul 01, 2008 at 11:13:41PM -0400, Mark W. Shelby 
> Good greif! As an 8 or nine year user of Debian can I complain 
a little? 
> The default web page stinks! I know it is kept to a minimal 
graphically, but 
> even the info and the navigation is confusing and is a mess!
> I love Debian, but are we seriously trying to promote "Come 
check out 
> Debian... We look like an unorganized mess, but once you get 
into it it's 
> pretty solid."
> That is a hard message to sell! Why don't the developers take 
> weekend and roll out a more organized site? You can still keep 
it simple!

Kindly repeat that on debian-www@lists.debian.org :)

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