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Re: security/2008/dsa-1466.wml

Le mardi 29 avril 2008, Jens Seidel écrivit :
> Oops, this confuses me. Once you add a comma or fix capitalisation in
> English you don't change the meaning so the translation should
> definitivly not change. Often the translators do not see the error and
> understood the sentence as assumed by the author. Sometimes the
> translator also noticed the error but just didn't fix it (very bad)
> and translated it correctly.

Maybe for a comma, but I disagree for capitalisation or package name
typos.  I usually copy the English version when it doesn't have to be
changed for the French version, so I'm sure I can't insert a typo myself
(and I'm sure to reproduce the typo if there is one :-) ).  I cannot
assume the translator has not reproduced the error I'm fixing.

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